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The world of work is in the biggest change in history.
Mazhr matches the competence needs, values and
culture of organizations to the true strengths,
work values and potential of the talents.

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Mazhr Talent Matching for Individuals

Identify your competence and find a job or a career you love.

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Aziza Ibrayeva
Mazhr’s digital services and one-on-one coaching helped me to realize my true passion and to go towards it. It helped to find a company with values in alignment with mine as I embark on the new professional direction.
Aziza Ibrayeva
Project Coordinator

Mazhr Talent Matching for Organizations

“We have used Mazhr assessments and reports, and they are extremely easy to understand. Since Ductor operates globally, it is important that with one click our recruiter in Singapore can handle recruiting successfully in whole Asia. We have been able to screen, sort and rank the potential candidates. This has not only saved us time, but we have found the right ones to interview and hire.

Ductor has been happy, and we have received positive feedback from candidates. Mazhr has a lot of features in a small package. It is easy and fun to use – for us and for our candidates!”
Arja Frejborg, HR Director, Ductor

Assess your team competencies and find matching talent.

Use Mazhr digital service is to discover talent and build bias-free teams that are both diverse and inclusive. Start by understanding your teams strengths, work values and motivation. Contact sales >>

Our impact on society

Again this year we are participating in the City of Helsinki’s spouse program to help immigrant spouses find new careers and jobs in Helsinki, Finland. Watch the videos from the 2021 participants:

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Meaningful careers through Mazhr Talent Matching.

Mazhr is digital service for you to find a career, job or a team matching your personality and strengths. Create your dynamic Mazhr Card and be visible to employers looking for a talent like you.


Mazhr helps you to find hidden strength combinations and in what kind roles you especially should use them.

Mazhr helps you stay motivated and driven by recognizing your career motivational factors and values.

Mazhr gives you personalized ideas on how to tell about yourself when marketing yourself professionally.

digital resume CV

There are thousands of educated immigrants in Finland who can’t find a job that matches their education.

“Especially useful was Mazhr’s digital tool, which mapped out my strengths in work life. It helped me understand my own talent and skills and promote it on paper. It was a really quick and structured way to figure out what kind of job I should apply for”. -Nerpagare

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Mazhr is hiring: Mid Level Back End Engineer

We are looking for a business minded developer with good understanding of Php and Python, 3+ years of industry experience, attention to detail, basic understanding of Vue js/React. Understanding of Azure / AWS cloud services is a plus as well as interest for talent matching industry.

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Check if your work values are a match to the Mazhr team!

We have many kind of people in the Mazhr Team. Different backgrounds, different demographics, different kinds of strengths. We have something in common also. Shared values. Do you find yourself in our values? We are looking for new talents soon!

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Strengthen your team with Mazhr Talent Matching.

Our digital service helps you with finding and assessing matching talent to a job, your team’s sales strengths and weaknesses or team values and motivation while increasing diversity, inclusion and letting go of your biases.

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Why trust our career assessments?

We have designed and developed Mazhr based on the online assessments by world-leading recruitment and human resource development company AON. Their high quality tools are built on a solid foundation of research and psychometrics. AON handles over 30 million talent assessments each year. AON career assessments are used in more than 90 countries and in 40 languages.