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Mazhr Card is your free dynamic digital CV that will help you share your potential with recruiters and your network. Show your strengths and skills, verified by our quality online tests.

You have full control over what you share on your Mazhr Card. You can include the results you want from the tests you have taken. You decide which parts of your card and profile are visible to employers.

Add your verified test results to your Mazhr Card

Get our starter bundle offer that includes two test: Personality and behaviour and Values and motivation. Add your verified results to your Mazhr Card.

Personality and behaviour
Identify your strengths and development possibilities.
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This test measures those personality traits that are important to employers in recruiting, and predicts your work-related behavior and competencies.

Values and motivation
Identify your work-related values and motivational factors.
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Dive into how your personal values and motivation relate to your work and find what affects your motivation and ability to perform at your best.

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Mazhr and it’s test have given me a lot of useful information and tools to use in my career development. I am now much more confident about myself, and I can describe myself much better in consulting job interviews in a way that gives me a distinct edge. Thank You, Mazhr!
Mary, 42

Whether you already know what your dream job is or you are wondering which way to go, Mazhr can help you find the path best suited to you.

Mazhr has over thousand detailed job descriptions including their features and skills jobs require. Fill your Mazhr Card, do our tests and you are a step closer to realise the path to your dream career.

When you have found the right job, search open positions to land your new role!

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Our experienced coaches have helped thousands of individuals. They help you to identify your career opportunities and support your career development.

We can help you identify career opportunities, clarify your strengths and motivational factors to promote your career in the best way possible. You can get personal career guidance in online sessions. In the sessions you receive in-depth feedback on your different strengths and potential to support your career development.

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I had a really pragmatic and good coaching session where things were covered extensively while focusing on important points for me. I got a lot of tips that came in handy in my job search.
William, 48
Our coaches
Antero Ojanaho

Antero Ojanaho

Antero specializes in career planning and development. He is an expert in analyzing personal strengths, natural talents and motivational factors. Antero can also help you develop your skills in self-management and personal interaction.

Nina Koponen

Nina Koponen

Nina is specialized in individual and team-level coaching processes that strengthen personal performance and communication skills.

Pertti Ratilainen

Pertti Ratilainen

Pertti’s specialties include preparation for change in the work environment, stress management for the individual and team, optimising performance and interaction skills.

Mia Aspegren

Mia Aspegren

Mia specializes in personal career training that includes sparring for career development and leadership development and practical guidance on how to succeed in recruitment processes.