Mazhr is a Finnish startup launched in 2018. Mazhr is a global talent matching service and our digital service matches talent to a new career, job, sales strengths or team while increasing diversity and inclusion.

Mazhr helps talents identify and communicate their strengths and values. Our matching engine matches the talent to the right career, job, organisation and team, work culture and society.

Mazhr matching engine

Our mission is to match people’s strengths and potential with organizations’ competence needs and culture leading to a meaningful career and solving the job market mismatch.

For organizations

Mazhr helps to improve performance by providing cost effective digital services to audit the best functioning team. In case we see a mismatch in competence in the team Mazhr can help find the best talent from the Mazhr talent pool or within the organization. Mazhr streamlines the process of internal and external talent matching making it faster and providing high quality, comparable information for decision making. Sercvices we offer:


For public authorities and their employment and career services to scale and increase the efficiency of their operations and save public money.


we help sales and growth directors to have an efficient and balanced sales team and recruit new salespersons to match the weak spots.


We help leaders or HR to understand the competencies, motivational factors and work values and to find matching talent.


We help organizations to match recruitment candidates to the target job profile and team profile.


We help companies and public authorities to match international talent to the work culture and values before the expensive relocation and skills training.

For talents

inklusiivisuus ja diversiteetti

Mazhr helps you to find hidden strength combinations and in what kind roles you especially should use them.


Mazhr helps you stay motivated and driven by recognizing your career motivational factors and values.


Mazhr gives you personalized ideas on how to tell about yourself when marketing yourself professionally.

Our team

Teemu jantti CEO mazhr

Teemu Jäntti
+358 40 821 1463

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cto naseer ahmad

Naseer Ahmad
+358 40 174 3455

Venla Tulppala

Venla Tulppala
Digital Marketing Manager
+358 44 019 9312

Antero Ojanaho

Antero Ojanaho
+358 41 544 3438

Juha Niemi

Juha Niemi
Finance and Administration
+358 40 590 5567

web developer ieva broberg

Ieva Broberg
Web Developer
+358 45 326 4803

tanja jeppesen

Tanja Jeppesen
Sales Professional
+358 45 151 0530

Pertti Ratilainen

Pertti Ratilainen
Senior Consultant, Pirkanmaa
+358 40 050 6883

Jukka Riivari

Jukka Riivari
Business Development in UAE
+971 50 664 6223

Nina Koponen

Nina Koponen
Senior Consultant
+358 40 070 0192

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General enquiries

Mazhr Oy
Ensi Linja 1, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

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At Mazhr, we value diversity and inclusion. We aim to promote DE&I in all our practices, including our talent audit and talent matching services. We have developed our services to support DE&I in our client organizations and we also follow our practices in our own hirings. As a workplace, Mazhr has equal opportunities regardless of gender, religion, social and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, and any other factors. Our diverse team is what makes us unique and extraordinary. Apply to our team as you are:

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