How to increase sales based on your sales team strengths?

Different industries, products, corporate cultures, customers, and the company’s strategy affect the team’s competence needs and thus success. You can learn about sales and the sales process, but it is not enough for great results. The inner strengths and behaviors of your team have a greater impact on the success of the individual and the team than the sales process or expertise alone.

Mazhr Sales Team Review process for sales team management:

In the Mazhr Sales Team Review process we’ll look into the competencies and the motivational factors of the sales team. We help you identify the competencies and strengths of your organization that make up your scalable and replicable recipe for success. Mazhr Sales Team Review analysis helps you identify individual and team-level strengths, weaknesses, and motivation at different stages of the sales process.

Benefits of the Mazhr Sales Team Review process:


You will understand the natural traits of your team at different sales and customer success process phases

Who is at his best in cold calling, who will build the solution for the customer and who will take care of the already won customers?

myynnin johtaminen

Increase sales by understanding team competencies and weaknesses

You will identify the weaknesses and strengths of your team’s competencies, which will help you develop their skills and advance their career when needed.

Quite often, our competencies may be unbalanced or overemphasized at just one part of the sales and customer success. 


Your team members will receive immediate feedback

They understand their own motivational factors and thus their fit for different sales process phases, which supports them in developing their own skills and sales operations.


Our information is objective and unbiased

By using research-based and digitally conducted surveys, skilled team members cannot sell their skills or motivation to you or an outside psychologist usually conducting audits.

inklusiivisuus ja diversiteetti

Increases team diversity and inclusion

By understanding your team’s inner strengths, the factors that motivate them, and the dynamics of the entire team, you can increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the entire team, each relying on their own strengths.

AON assessments

Our team audits are reliable, based on research, and function globally with more than 30 languages

We use certified AON surveys as part of the Mazhr Sales Team Review, as in all our services.

What is included in Mazhr Sales Team Review?

1. The team does the self-evaluation

Each member of your team does a self-assessment of their strengths, competencies, values, and motivational factors. They receive immediate feedback to understand themselves better directly on the Mazhr’s digital service (app).

This will take about 20-30 minutes.

2. Team results

You will receive the team report right after your team has done the self-evaluation. Report provides you with an overview of your team’s competencies and attitude broken down into eight sales and customer success phases (e.g. contacting customers, closing).

Best sales persons normally have strong competencies in three of the eight process phases. Therefore, you need to have balanced capabilities in the team.

3. Team report and development proposals

As a Sales or Customer Success Manager, you will get an overview report and development ideas at the individual and team level of your team’s strengths and weaknesses per sales and customer process phases.

You can analyze the report yourself or we will present it to you and the rest of the management, which will take about 60-90 minutes.

4. Sales and customer success team report

Your team will receive either an anonymous or transparent personalized report about the entire team and its areas of development. We can also arrange a workshop with the team, which will take about 60-90 minutes.

5. Coaching

If necessary, we or our partners will coach you and your team for better sales results and a more diverse and inclusive team culture.

6. Recruiting more resources that fit to your team and needs

If you have recruitment needs, you can assess the fit of the best candidates for the team as well as their value-adding competencies to the team’s current sales weaknesses or strengths.

If sales and growth is close to your heart and you need more understanding from your sales and customer team, make an appointment with Teemu and we’ll tell you more!

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