Do you take into consideration your strengths and personality traits in career planning? – Good self-knowledge is the first step to successful career planning.

Are you wondering what you would like to do next in your career? Are you looking for a new job? Mazhr can help you.

Mazhr service is based on taking your verified strengths and skills into your career planning and job search. Good self-knowledge is the first step to successful career planning and Mazhr algorithm helps you navigate to the right direction. When looking for a new job, knowing your verified strengths and potential will help you promote your own skills and stand out for your benefit.

Good self-knowledge is even more important in a world where remote working and insecurity have increased. Knowing your own strengths and motivational factors will help you plan your career and get a peace of mind even the world changes around you. Changing work-life increasingly emphasises self-determination and self-governance. It is important to understand that the world is changing, as it is to take your own career development into your own hands.

This is how you get the most benefit out of Mazhr service:

Show and share your own competence and skills on Mazhr Card. Mazhr Card is your dynamic digital CV that will help you share your potential with recruiters and your network. You can show your verified strengths and potential on your Mazhr Card.

You have full control over what you share on your Mazhr Card. You can include the results you want from the tests you have taken. You decide which parts of your card and profile are visible, and you can share your Mazhr Card to employers and your network through a shareable link.

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Identify your potential by taking Mazhr tests. Mazhr Starter Bundle includes two important work psychologic tests: Personality and behaviour and Motivation and values.

Plan your career with Maz me -functionality. Once you have completed the Mazhr tests, you can match your results with different positions and job requirements. We’ll show you what positions your test results are a match – you might even find a complete new direction to your career!

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Get found! We’ll match open positions to your profile and send them to you if it’s a match!

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