How to communicate effectively in the recruitment process?

Effective and clear communication in job search is a factor that recruiters value. Often well-written cover letter or “elevator speech” makes the difference. Many people fail in these even though they are competent for the job. Why?

Two most common mistakes are:

1. Using too many cliches everybody else is also using. You do not stand out with;
I am good with people, but can also work independently.
– I am analytic and good with numbers.
– I have a strong drive and can get things done.

2. Using adjectives that are easy to misunderstand because they mean different things for different people
– “I am good, strong, sensitive, creative, versatile, agile.” ” So WHAT?”

What successful candidates do differently in communications?
– They use more verbs of action.
– They tell more about results and achievements.
– They tell concrete stories and examples.
– They use numbers and measures.

Take care that your message is clear and stands out in a positive way. This is not about writing novel or detective story. Your goal is to Communicate to express, not impress.

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Antero Ojanaho
Senior Consultant at Mazhr