How to identify your strengths?

Knowing your strengths is essential when looking for a new job. Every successful job performance is based on strengths and knowledge on how to handle your weaknesses. Few simple exercises that help you understand your strength and their relation to your performance:

1. Exercise feedback analysis based on your results and actions

Answers to these questions will give you ideas what your strengths may be.

2. Ask feedback from others and observe in which activities people especially rely on you or ask for your help

Feedback from others is useful for understanding your strengths. However, keep in mind that one person’s perspective is only one perspective, not the whole truth. If you ask feedback, ask it from multiple sources and look for patterns.

3. Take high quality work related psychology tests and surveys

There are many ways to discover your strengths. Whatever method you will use you should assess them regularly (yearly), because our personality, motivation and skill levels will change over time.

You can assess your strengths in Mazhr!

Antero Ojanaho
Senior Consultant at Mazhr

“Wondering what to do next in your career? In these challenging, changing times, it can be surprisingly difficult for many professionals to achieve and produce good, let alone optimal performance. I know it myself; everyday life is much easier when familiar routines roll smoothly.

A significant problem for many who struggle with their performance is that they try to copy general tips and ideas. However, one size does not fit all.  General tips and advice are not based on individual strengths, behaviors, and context. In this way, they do not take root in everyday life, only creating short striking productivity ecstasy that drops like a falling star. An approach based on your strengths and personality traits, on the other hand, is more than two (> 2) times more likely to take root in your life. 

I have done over 500 coaching sessions for different individuals and teams in the last four years. My clients have been entrepreneurs, leading experts, experienced leaders, recent graduates, new career and direction seekers. In these training sessions, I have focused to help them to identify, develop and take advantage of their personalized strengths and motivations to create a better everyday work life.

The future will inevitably require us to reform ourselves. A better, more productive work life can be one coaching discussion away. If you are interested in taking the first step towards a better work life please contact me.”