Interview tips: How to succeed in a job interview?

After your hard work in finding and communicating your strengths, skills, motivations, values and goals, you have gotten a job interview. Great. Do you know, what is the most common mistake candidates do when preparing for an interview?

Answer is: They do not prepare.

7 tips to prepare and succeed in a job interview:

1. Do your homework considering the organization, their business, competitors, clients, products, service, trends in the industry, the role you are applying. And the interviewer.

2. Practice answers to the most important questions beforehand with a recorder or a friend.

3. Prepare concrete and essential stories especially to following areas of the job:

– What are your essential skills, competencies and strengths considering this job?
– How can you achieve desired results with your strengths?
– In what kind of teams and customer interfaces you can operate and why?
– What kind of leaderships style fits for you?
– What kind of corporate culture is good fit for you in terms of tempo, intensity, structures and values?
– What motivates you and what do you expect in areas of working life, “Why do you want to do this job?”
– How do you develop yourself and what do you think you need learn in this job?

4. Write down couple of good questions to get information that you want from discussion.

5. Go to bed early the night before the interview. Lack of sleep can make you up to 30 % more anxious on the interview.

6. Focus to the moment. Listen carefully and verify that you have understood questions.

7. Do not just “be yourself”. Be authentic you and show real sides of your personality that are beneficial for the job.

Best candidates prepare well and are present in time. Preparing for job interview is not rocket science. Common problem usually is not the lack of words, but the lack of structure when describing yourself and your achievements.

Practice in portraying your career highlights well so that telling about them is easy in the interview. Usually this leads to thinking: “This person is well prepared and professional. I wonder what he/she could do with our team / clients…” … Person who activates this type of imagination usually gets the job.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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Antero Ojanaho
Senior Consultant at Mazhr

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