Job Search Tips: Convince the recruiters and find a new job.

Are you looking for a new job? Or a path to your new career? If yes, keep reading.

This six-part blog series gives you guidance. The blog series provides tips to match your strength with the right job. We help you to succeed in your job interviews and provide valuable insight on how to convince recruiters to hire you. The series will include the following blogs:

1) How to write a good CV?

Clear and convincing CV is an important part of getting a job. There are many CV formats and templates that work well. What are the things that you can always find in a good CV?

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2) How to identify your strengths in work life?

Knowing your strengths is essential when looking for a new job. Every successful job performance is based on strengths and knowledge on how to handle your weaknesses. How can you identify your strengths?

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3) How to identify your motivation and values in work life?

Motivation is your career fuel and by channelling it to the right direction you are likely to succeed in your career. How to identify your motivational factor and values?

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4) How to communicate effectively in the recruitment process?

Effective and clear communication in job search is a factor that recruiters value. How to convince the recruiter of your capabilities?

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5) How to ensure your career development?

Every job requires learning and growth. Also skills and competencies are not written on stone. Over time they develop or vanish. There is no stable situation in mastery. Question is how to develop your professional skills?

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6) How to succeed in a job interview?

Do you know, what is the most common mistake candidates do when preparing for an interview? Answer is: They do not prepare.

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