Mazhr chosen to continue providing Career Coaching services in the City of Helsinki Spouse Program

The City of Helsinki has chosen Mazhr to be providing Career Coaching in the Spouse Program in spring 2022. Mazhr was part of the Spouse Program also in 2021. We achieved excellent results and positive feedback from the participants in the program. 

“We are pleased with the results we gained in the Spouse Program in 2021. Many participants were extremely happy that the Spouse Program provided them with this kind of service. We  wanted to continue offering individual career coaching as our participants from last year found it  so useful.”, says Maija Melo, project planner from the Spouse Program.

The aim of the Spouse Program is to support the integration of spouses who have moved to the Helsinki metropolitan area from abroad. The employment of the spouse has been studied to have a connection with the enjoyment and retention of the whole family in the area. 

“The shortage of talents is an identified and growing challenge globally and in Finland. Especially the matching between skilled international talent and unemployed with the companies in short for talent is often a costly and time-consuming problem for both individuals and organizations. Mazhr Digital Solution helps in this by matching the individuals’ competencies, strengths, work values and motivational factors with the organizations’ need instead of an old-fashioned CV- and merit-based recruitment.”, says Teemu Jäntti, CEO of Mazhr.

The Spouse Program provides a peer-to-peer community, support for employment, and guidance for settling into a new society and culture. The Career Coaching focuses especially on individuals’ specific needs and provides tailored tools and coaching to achieve participants’ career goals. 

“Customers are really motivated and have a diverse background. Common challenges to many participants are identification and promotion of their own career competencies and strengths. Mazhr Digital solutions combined with individual coaching helps in these issues effectively, because it combines work-psychology, AI-driven insights and human empathy.” says Antero Ojanaho, Head Coach of Mazhr.

During 2021, as part of the Spouse Program, almost 130 professionals from over 25 countries participated to the Mazhr Career Coaching. Due to the results and feedback, the Spouse Program will continue providing the coaching service to its participants also in 2022.

“Mazhr helped me to find a new job faster in Finland. It made it much easier to describe my abilities and motivation in different parts of the hiring process. I recommend Mazhr to all international professionals.”
says participant Soroush Poyanfar from the Spouse Program.

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