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Mazhr assessments are designed to help you identify and understand your personality traits and potential to support your professional development. By understanding your own potential, you are able to support your career development. Mazhr allows you to take additional tests to promote your strengths in specific fields like numerical reasoning or English.

I have used this kind of services in my career, and I was a little bit skeptical at first. I was amazed by how accurate and useful Mazhr’s tests are. It gave me new insights about my career path, especially clarified my work values and motivational factors.  
James, 50
Career Changer

Our tests

Personality and behaviour
Identify your strengths and development possibilities.
49.90 €

This test measures those personality traits that are important to employers in recruiting, and predicts your work-related behavior and competencies. The results provide you with valuable information about your behavior and professional potential.

Assess your personality and behaviour »

Values and motivation
Identify your work-related values and motivational factors.
49.90 €

Dive into how your personal values and professional interests relate to your work and find what affects your motivation and ability to perform at your best. When you and your employer share the same values, you can work towards a common goal and purpose.

Assess your values and motivation »

Verbal reasoning
How well do you manage verbal information?
49.90 €

Test your ability to understand and assess written information and measures your ability to find answers to questions based on a given text. The ability to study data sets and quickly spot essential information is vital in leadership and management positions.

Test your verbal reasoning »

Logical reasoning
Can you draw conclusions from complex data?
49.90 €

Measure your ability to recognize complex cause-effect chains and draw the correct conclusions from them. Logical reasoning is measured in management recruitment as well as in student selection process. You will need logical reasoning ability throughout your career.

Test your logical reasoning »

Numerical reasoning
Can you make decisions based on numbers?
49.90 €

Test your ability to understand numeric data and make the right decisions based on them. The test evaluates the ways you handle the information and you also get to know how your score ranks compared to others who carried out the test.

Test your numerical reasoning »

Test your English
How well do you manage verbal information?
49.90 €

Measure your English language skills in fluency, vocabulary, and spelling. English is the largest language by number of speakers and often used in global business. Ability to communicate with English can open new doors and advance finding new opportunities.

Test your English »

I was considering taking more leadership responsibilities in my career, but I was hesitant about my potential. I started to use Mazhr services, and it convinced me that I should develop my leadership abilities in a certain way in three areas. Now I have over doubled my results and responsibility area, team and owners of the company highly like me. Mazhr really can make a difference.
Lisa, 29

Why trust our tests?

Our online tests are designed by world-leading recruitment and human resource development company cut-e GmbH. Their high quality tools are built on a solid foundation of research and psychometrics.

cut-e handles over 30 million talent assessments each year. cut-e tests are used in more than 90 countries and in 40 languages.

The tests we have chosen for Mazhr are certified by Det Norske Veritas. We regularly extend the range of tests available in Mazhr considering our customers’ wishes and needs.