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Save time and money in recruiting process. Easy tool for screening and filtering candidates. Interview only the most suitable ones!


Bring personality data to recruiting decisions. Forget the merits only recruitment. Get better understanding of the candidates’ potential by combining CV information with psychometric data, validated by AON.


Improve your employer brand by objectively matching the right talent to the right position in a non-discriminatory way. Communicate your work values and motivation to the candidates.

Recruiting the best match, not the best CV

Mazhr Talent Matching helps organisations improve performance and employer brand by providing high quality, comparable and non-discriminatory data for decision making.

Save time and money in the recruitment process

Easily screen candidates’ suitability to the position and to the organisational culture.

Hire the right candidate

Our unique tool gives you comparable and reliable information based on data, that helps you to choose best-fit candidates to interviews based on reliable methodology discovering their key competences, behaviour and motivation,. Don’t rely only to the CV information.

Improve your employer brand

With Mazhr, you can improve your employer brand by screening and filtering candidates in a non-discriminatory way. Candidates get own test results instantly, and can learn about their strengths and development areas. Even if not selected, tested candidates get valuable information about their strengths and values instead of a cup of coffee or a movie ticket.

Build diverse and inclusive teams

Hire diverse candidates who are innately suited to grow and thrive with your team.

mazhr talent matching
Talent review

Assess your team strengths in your organisation

Mazhr Team Review is a cost-efficient, visual and easy-to-use tool to identify talent, strengths and potential within your organisation.

Mazhr Team Review is a unique tool to better understand the skills, competences, values and motivational factors of individuals and teams in your organisation. Individuals create a profile and take the Mazhr assessments powered by AON.

The employees get immediate feedback on the test results. Mazhr provides the company HR and supervisor with valuable data-based information to better understand the dynamics of teams to improve performance and leadership across the whole organisation.

Assess your sales team

Mazhr Sales Team Review assess your sales team strengths and motivation for better results. Learn how to boost your sales team and business growth.

Do you know that best salespersons have 3-5 sales strengths out of 8 competencies? And only 0.5 % of us have five of them. What is your and your salespersons’ superpower?

Using Mazhr you can learn more about your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses. And find the best and most suitable new sales candidates to your team.

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Ductor is a growth company. We have been a pilot customer for Mazhr recruiting. We have used Mazhr tests and reports, and they are extremely easy to understand. 

Since Ductor operates globally, it is important that with one click our recruiter in Singapore can handle recruiting successfully in whole Asia. We have been able to screen, sort and rank the potential candidates. This has not only saved us time, but we have found the right ones to interview and hire. 

Ductor has been happy, and we have received positive feedback from candidates. Mazhr has a lot of features in a small package. It is easy and fun to use – for us and for our candidates!
Arja Freijborg, HR Director, Ductor
Finding Talent in tough Indian market

We recruited a B2B Sales manager to Mirasys India and received over 600 applications in three days. Without Mazhr help in screening, ranking and finding best suitable candidates to the interview phase, we would have been lost. The person we hired is happy and performing really well.
Arindam Das Sarkar, CEO, Mirasys India Pvt

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